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Life During Covid-19

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been on here. My only excuse is lack of motivation. There are days where I feel extra motivated to just GO GO GO! Then I have those days where getting out of bed is a struggle However, I promised myself to keep up with the blog during these times!

If I was feeling unmotivated and lazy, this pandemic has me feeling unmotivated, lazy, sad, and borderline depressed. Although the state of Texas is ‘opening’ as I am writing this, everything feels so uncertain. Will Adam and I still have a job after this? When will it be safe to visit friends and family? My brother lives in New York, when will we receive clearance from the state of Texas to visit him or for us to fly back in if we choose to visit? Will we have to spend this summer inside? Will I ever feel 100% O.K. to enjoy life outside of my apartment? I don’t know.

My hometown was the center of an outbreak and it felt so personal, even being thousands of miles away. It was only a matter of time until we knew someone that passed away from the virus. And then another person, and then another person. I think the fear of stepping out is heightened when it hits so close to home.

I think being a social creature and feeling stuck inside my apartment during this time is beating on my soul! My heart definitely goes out to those that have been personally affected by the pandemic but in reality, it’s affecting everyone in very different ways. I am so so thankful that my family is doing well during this time and I know that we have each other should we ever have to face the effects of the pandemic head on. But not being able to plan vacations, visits to my family, or even a romantic night out is taking a toll on my outlook on life. Like come on, I’ve lived in the great city of Austin for 5 years and I still have new places to explore! I thrive and feel fulfilled when I am able to visit new places, plan a road trip, or look forward to my mom’s cooking. But I swear, even my dogs are starting to get bored with life.

If it weren’t for Adam and my dogs, I don’t know how I would be able to deal with all of this. I can’t say I have avoided breakdowns altogether, but I am so thankful Adam has been my rock through it all. Even though he is a homebody and he is completely fine with being at home most of the time, he understands my frustrations and is always on board with the different ways I try to entertain myself (i.e. online shopping!).

I hope being more consistent in my blog posts during this time can help my mental health. Even if nobody reads this, having an outlet for my thoughts is already giving me sense of relief.

And like they say in every other Hulu commercial out there, we are all in this together ♡.

How I finally shot my first YouTube Video

For a very very long time, I’ve been contemplating uploading videos of myself cooking up some of my favorite recipes. However, not having the proper equipment to record or upload has kept me from starting that hobby. BUT then I realized, everyone starts somewhere, right?

The first thing I did to prepare was buy a tripod for my iPhone X. Most (if not all) of the YouTubers I follow film their videos with great cameras, such as the Canon Rebel T5i that Aka Aislinn uses. As someone who has never uploaded content, spending over $400.00 on a camera seemed a bit of a stretch, specially if I’m not sure this’ll be a hobby I will enjoy in the long run.

Second thing I did was try to figure out how in the world I was going to edit a video shot on my iPhone. I have never in my life edited a video and I know the Chromebook I have does not have the proper software to do such work. Luckily, I came across this app on the Apple app store called InShot. I assume this app allows you to do most editing on the iPhone as you would on an Apple computer. But I’m not gonna lie, editing a video on a super small iPhone screen is a little frustrating. I know getting used to the app was also a contributing factor.

I did search for video editing Chromebook extensions and came across only one extension that seemed promising. However, once I added it to my extensions I noticed my Chromebook started to be very slow. The videos on YouTube would pause every 5 seconds and even my mouse started to drag. Not to mention, my Chromebook was only about 2 weeks old at that point. Right away I uninstalled it and when that didn’t fix the issue, I had to do a reboot and completely wipe out my Chromebook to factory settings. Thankfully it came back to life and at this point I knew I was going to stick to editing on my iPhone.

Finally, I knew my first shot at this had to be something simple, just so I can get the hang of shooting and editing. I decided to finally film a video to upload and I filmed myself preparing a healthy snack, mango with Tajin, I chose to film this since prepping was minimal and I wanted to focus more continuing to learn to shoot a good video rather than have to worry about what I was actually cooking.

And ta-dah! Below is my first video ever. Although it’s super short and simple, I am actually pretty proud of it. Thanks for reading and thanks for watching!

I’ll make sure to fix my nails next time! Don’t forget to like and subscribe 🙂 .